Efrén Ordóñez

Efrén Ordóñez created Courier 12, an editorial branding studio. Nitro/Press will republish his first novel Humo awarded with the 2014 State of Nuevo Leon Prize in Literature and published by Conarte under the title Ruinas. His first short story collection Gris infierno was published by the Mexican press Analfabeta in 2014; in 2014 he also published an illustrated children’s book Tlacuache. Historia de una cola with FCAS in Mexico City. In 2019 he finished the book La maestría del fracaso with the Estímulo Fiscal a la Creación Artísitca grant by Conarte. He was a grantee at the Young Creators program from the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes and at the Writers Center in the state of Nuevo León in 2013.

Marco Alcalá

Marco Antonio Alcalá works as a Literature professor, essayist and translator. In 2019 he was awarded with a grant from the Writers Center of the state of Nuevo León to write his first book of essays.

Robyn Myers

Robin, a poet and translator, is the author of Amalgama / Conflations (Mexico, Ediciones Antílope, 2016), Lo demás (Argentina, Zindo & Gafuri, 2016; Spain, Kriller71 Ediciones, 2016), and Tener (Argentina, Audisea, 2017) and Tener / Having (Mexico, Ediciones Antílope, 2018), all published as bilingual editions. She has translated the work of many Latin American writers into English, both poets and prose writers. She has been a resident writer at the Vermont Studio Center (USA) and a resident translator at the Banff International Literary Translation Center (Canada).

Tanya Huntington

Tanya Huntington is a bi-national writer, artist, and actress residing in Mexico City. Managing Editor of the online magazine Literal: Latin American voices, she is the author of several books, most recently Solastalgia (Almadía, 2018). She holds a Ph.D. in Latin American literature from the University of Maryland at College Park. She has also co-produced and contributed to public radio and television programs dedicated to culture and the arts and has received a grant from the Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, as well as first prize at the Bienal Internacional de Radio de México on two separate occasions. Her artwork has been exhibited both in the United States and Mexico and selected by prestigious venues such as the FEMSA Biennial. She’s part of the Mexican National System of Creators.

Follow her on Twitter at @TanyaHuntington

Lucia Duero

Lucia is a Slovak writer and translator. She lives in Mexico City.

Kimrey Anna Batts

Kimrey Anna Batts is a native of East Tennessee. She resided in Ecuador for twelve years and currently lives in Mexico, where she works as a professional translator. Her translations of poetry and narrative fiction have appeared in various literary journals. She has translated the short story collection Matricide/ Matar a mamá (La Caída, 2015) by Santiago Vizcaíno, and together with Juan Romero Vinueza she compiled and translated País Cassava/ Casabe Lands (La Caída, 2017). Her translation of César Eduardo Carrión’s poetry collection Emboscada/ Ambushed is forthcoming from Artepoética Press.

María Cristina Hall

María Cristina Hall (New York, 1991) is a Mexican-American poet, translator, and editor. She is currently studying a PhD in Social and Political Sciences at UNAM in Mexico City, where she is involved in immigration-related activism. She holds a master’s in translation from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona and a BA in creative writing and political science from Columbia University. Her work can be found in The Offing, Leveler, and Sea Foam Mag, among others. She most recently coedited a collection of contemporary women’s writing in Catalan, Absinthe, at the University of Michigan. Her upcoming Malaria Dreams/Sueños de Malaria will be published by the Emergent Translators Collective and Herring Publishers Mexico.