Mantengan el pánico


Ivan Štrpka, in this short selection of his vast poetic work, declares to us one of the founding truths of literature: the poem is not information. Like all relevant writing, the poems in this book avoid telling us something in a transparent way. Better, they force us to shudder in a space that is always uncomfortable, and therefore productive. Štrpka is a poet of indeterminacy, a poet who forces us to think beyond what is said. His poems shake us precisely because they are not (defined); he knows how to keep quiet at the exact moment. By saying, they disagree, and in that space that is always the space of thought, it leaves the immense task to us. With a density that is appreciated for their meticulous work, the poetic writing of these texts reiterates that the subject of poetry is found in suggestion, in the commitment to make ourselves complicit with the word.

Bruno Ríos