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  1. Latin American Mixtape

    Mixtape Latinoamericano

    Non-fiction by Scott Esposito

    Scott’s self-described “b-sides” is not just a collection of literary essays on Latin American writers, it's also about the insight that comes from a magnificent reader from abroad reading the great writers of a foreign continent. It includes three never-before-published pieces, exclusive interviews and a sharp point of view on literature.



  2. Melville´s Beard 

    Las barbas de Melville

    Fiction by Mark Haber

    A collection of nine absurd stories varying in structure and tone. Each examines the human condition and the dilemmas we face in the tempest of our own self-induced problems. These are obscure, weird and, in many cases, disturbing stories. Mark's stories are ageless because they speak to us, demanding we question our own natures, regardless of time and space.  

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